Fiction news site The Guardian is almost as funny as The Onion:

In the aftermath of climate disasters, as victims try to cope with the destruction of their homes and communities, they start to move around in search of safe and affordable shelter. Many of them have no choice but to move in with family members or friends, while others find themselves forced to seek out cheaper apartments in other cities. Some rebuild their homes only to sell them and move to places they deem less vulnerable, while others move away only to return and lose their homes again in another storm or fire.

Then why are so many Americans moving from the cold states to Arizona, Texas, Florida and so many other warm locales?

We as Americans don’t often hear about this chaotic process of displacement and relocation, but the scale of movement is already overwhelming: more than 3 million Americans lost their homes to climate disasters last year,

Source: The American climate migration has already begun

The average household in the U.S. has 2.3 people, thus 1.185 million homes were destroyed in 2022 in the United States.

Except that’s not what happened – at all. Writer Jake Bittle embellished the facts.

  1. The “more than 3 million” claim comes from the US Census review of temporary loss of housing due to a natural disaster.
  2. 3.369 million Americans were temporarily displaced.
  3. About half were displaced for less than one week. The use of ambiguous wording “lost their homes” implied their homes were destroyed but that was not the case.
  4. Bittle assumes that 100% of all natural disasters were due to climate change. There could not possibly be any other reason like, say, ordinary annual weather events.
  5. Americans are actually moving to warmer climates. “U-Haul transactional data confirms that migration to the Southeast and Southwest U.S. – trends that were amplified and accelerated during the pandemic – continued through last year, although overall DIY moves slowed slightly in most states from the record-breaking number of moves in 2021.” (U-Haul Growth States of 2022: Texas, Florida Top List Again | U-Haul (
  6. If we all drove electric vehicles, not one person would be displaced ever again. Apparently.

The Guardian is a commercial disinformation service.

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