The holiday superspreader meme was wrong (as all expert projections have been).

This was due to “the power of the tools” available to California public health – like wearing masks and mandated masks for children and “moving events outdoors” “all played a role”.

Yet the epi-curve is identical throughout most of the world, even those who did nothing. Yes, it definitely must have been wearing masks and moving events outdoors that prevented this superspreader (those tools failed during the prior peaks but whatever….)

But the fact that California navigated what was, for many, the closest thing to a normal holiday season since 2019, without a record-setting spike in infections or surge in hospitalizations, is cause for optimism — and it underscores the power of the tools at our disposal, experts say.

Source: Has California avoided another devastating winter COVID wave? – Los Angeles Times

Everything is down, everywhere in the country

CDC’s hospitalizations tracker, today

Rest of the World

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