Anyone who has used VR is aware of these problems:

“I am totally immersed in the metaverse, have a big headset on, and then I need to take off the Oculus, look on my phone for the two-factor authentication code that’s been sent to my phone, then memorize the number, put my headset back on, and try to key it in,” an employee at the tech-consulting firm Accenture, a major Meta funder that’s attempting to implement Oculus into the workspace, griped to Slate. “But when you take off the Oculus it automatically goes to sleep mode, and I was trying to navigate the back-and-forth.”

People Forced to “Go to Work” in the Metaverse Say It’s a Complete Nightmare (

One of the first things you deal with, in VR, is the user interface to keyboards and real world I/O. For now, the VR workplace is mostly unusable, awkward, and cumbersome for many, if not most of us.

Other problems include that many must wear eyeglasses underneath the VR headset, which introduces a host of additional problems.

I use VR for specific applications, but we are nowhere near a universal panacea solution with VR.

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