A new pension reform proposal was presented Tuesday that included plans to raise France’s retirement age — which is expected to face some significant backlash in the country.

Source: France’s government outlines plans to raise retirement age despite years of pushback

The fertility rate in France is about 1.8, below the 2.1 replacement level. The fertility rate hit 2.1 in 1974, and fell below 2.1 in 1974 and has been below that level ever since.

France’s retirement age has been 62, below that of most other countries. Public sector workers have had even lower retirement ages.

In a US state where I used to live, workers in some public sector jobs, such as police and fire, as well as support workers in those agencies, such as technicians and administrative assistants, were eligible to retire after 20 years of work, with a full benefits package. Until about 20+ years ago, teachers were eligible to retire, there, after 25 years of service. That state has since changes its retirement policies.