The labor shortage is a long-term trend due to low fertility rates. Eeconomists think the solution is “more immigration”, even though this shortage will soon be global – there won’t be enough skilled immigrants willing to move. Regardless, the media has begun the push for an expansive immigration policy as “the solution”:

Canada’s government plans to accept 1.45 million immigrants by 2025, many with badly needed job skills. In the U.S., immigration legislation is stalled.

Source: Canada and the U.S. both face labor shortages. One country is increasing immigration.

Media stories typically start their lives with public relations firms “planting” an idea with reporters. The media then runs with the story. That is what is going on here – watch of immigration to become a “hot button” issue in 2023. Also, left out of the above story is that Canada’s entire population is smaller than that of California. Canada has far more room for an expanding population than does the U.S.

Coldstreams Skeptic