If you wear a mask, you must wear a mask that actually works, wear it properly and handle and dispose of it properly, and replace frequently. And wear a mask 24 x 7 for the rest of your life.

Pandemics stop through immunity – either acquired, vaccine provided, or both, and/or the virus mutates to a less virulent form.

A mask can never stop a pandemic of a highly contagious virus that exists in multiple reservoirs. This seems obvious.

I saw this study on masks (addressed below) in medical settings that concluded a tiny benefit (maybe, perhaps, kinda) to an N95 over a surgical mask – and saw this problem with the study – how did they control for people outside the medical setting? They didn’t. Unless you wear a mask 24 x 7, you will eventually get Covid:

This is why community use of masks does not work. Furthermore – think about infection control. If you are in a room containing virus particles, those particles are on the outside of your mask – your face, your clothing, your hands, in your hair and so on. Unless you practice infection control procedures – change your clothing, wash your exposed skin and hair, there is a good chance you’ll eventually get viral particles back on your hands and on your face – and get Covid.

At best, your mask may delay onset by a little bit. It may reduce your anxiety – but it will have little impact on whether you get Covid or not.

Finally, all these world-class experts got Covid despite doing “beyond everything right” – yet we expect the public and masked toddlers to do better than them? (Right-click and download and then view offline so you can zoom in to see all of the world class experts on disease prevention who still got Covid – there’s even more than this now but I have not updated the image).

By EdwardM