The vaccines did not live up to their sales pitch claims:

  • The CDC, in a real-world study, found the omicron Covid boosters are less than 50% effective against mild illness across almost all adult age groups when compared to people who are unvaccinated.
  • But people who received the boosters were better off than those who only got the old shots, with their protection increasing 28% to 56%.
  • The study did not look at hospitalization, but experts believe the shots will provide strong protection against severe outcomes.

Source: Covid: Omicron boosters aren’t very effective against mild illness

I’m so old, I remember when vaccines meant we would no longer have to wear masks, and vaccines would prevent the spread of illness. I’m so old, I remember when Fauci said that vaccines would have to be at least more than 50% effective to be considered a success.

Ahhhh, the good ‘ol days…

And this – “probably” and “likely” sound like confident terms, don’t they?

The new omicron Covid boosters probably aren’t very effective at preventing Covid infections and mild illness, but they will likely help keep the elderly and other vulnerable groups out of the hospital this winter, experts say.

I had 3 vaccination shots previously, was scheduled for a 4th in May when I had acute hepatitis and had to cancel that – and then had Covid a month later. As a result, I am to wait 3-6 months before getting another booster. I am not seeing much evidence that a booster would add much improvement to my immunity and wonder if I should go ahead with a booster in a month or two? Am thinking not. For booster shots #2 and #3, I had a fever of 101+ degrees for 3 to 4 days – fatigue, headache and unable to get anything done. Was quite ill, unfortunately.

By EdwardM