The attacker:

Depape is known by some to be “out of touch [with] reality,” according to CNN.

The network also spoke with some relatives of Depape who confirmed the contents of his Facebook page––which has since been deleted–– to include posts discussing widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election, posts with misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine, and a YouTube video titled “Global Elites Plan To Take Control Of YOUR Money! (Revealed)”

Source: Who Is David Depape? Suspect Charged in Paul Pelosi Attack

An immigrant (in the U.S. illegally) from Canada, the accused attacked had belonged to the Green Party but held MAGA type viewpoints, while advocating public nudity. Also a known drug addict “who made his home in an ultra-liberal enclave in Berkeley[1]” at one point, and had 3 children with a Russian immigrant (another report says 2 with her and 1 with another person) who renamed herself Gypsy Taub (currently serving time in jail), and who also advocated for public nudity. Wild. And an entire 2013 news article about his friend (ex-partner?) a nudist activist from Russia. Double wild. The media has portrayed him as a MAGA hat wearing right wing extremist with anti-immigrant views (any conflict there?), but he also had BLM and LGBTQ+ flags on his house. Obviously, we will learn more about his actual background – and motives – eventually. For now, there has been a lot of speculation that he is a right-wing extremist, even though the known background seems more complex than a simple summary.

Hoping justice is served on the attacker and that Paul Pelosi achieves a full recovery. Violent acts against those you may disagree with are abhorrent and totally wrong regardless of political “side”, party or persuasion.

[1] Or later reported as Richmond, CA, just north of Berkeley. Also, surprising international connections. The suspect is confirmed by DHS as an illegal immigrant from Canada, his longtime partner is a Russian immigrant, and his fraternal twin sister lives in New Zealand.


Pelosi was taken to Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, where he is recovering from surgery on his head, a source at the hospital with firsthand knowledge says. Previous reports citing a hospital source said he was undergoing brain surgery.

“Mr. Pelosi was admitted to Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital where he underwent successful surgery to repair a skull fracture and serious injuries to his right arm and hands,” Drew Hammill, spokesman for Speaker Pelosi, said in a statement. “His doctors expect a full recovery.”

Paul Pelosi, Husband of Nancy Pelosi, Attacked in San Francisco Home Invasion – NBC Bay Area

I’ve had a 5″ skull fracture. Pelosi will take a long time to heal and the injuries may leave him with longer term traumatic brain injury symptoms. Unlike me (I was sent home from the doctor’s office and did not get x-rayed for 5 days and had no TBI care at all), he will have a full care team to back him up, which will help. But it is still going to be a difficult road ahead for some time. In his case, I’m guessing that due to hammer blows he had a penetrating brain injury, hence the surgery. That’s bad.

“Mr. Pelosi was taken to the hospital, where he is receiving excellent medical care and is expected to make a full recovery.”

Update: What to know about alleged Pelosi attacker David DePape (