They don’t even pretend – this is straight up lying:

“Now is not the time to eliminate these vital flexibilities,” AHA wrote. “Hospitalizations and deaths are again on the rise given the B.A.5 variant, and there is a real possibility of additional surges in the fall and winter — along with a possibly difficult flu season.

Source: AHA urges HHS to extend public health emergency beyond October | AHA News

The health care industrial complex wants the public health emergency to continue forever. Their first claims are provably false, and the others are purely speculative. There will always be the possibility of future health issues, always.

From the CDC on Sep 19, 2022

New Hospitalizations in decline (the chart ends on Sep 17th and newly hospitalized patients for Covid are unequivocally in decline)

Daily cases are in decline:

Deaths are slowly declining – and I read something a few days ago that said perhaps 70% of deaths due to Covid are now “with Covid”.

Wonder why no one believes one word from public health and the health care industry? There’s your answer.

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