Fast charging for a feeI stopped at a different station the next day to try fee-based fast charging using another network. This charging session delivered 11.1 kWh in 21 minutes, costing $6.63. The range added was 23 miles. The location was convenient. A coffee shop, pizza, fast food, ice cream, and a book store were available with a short walk through a parking lot.

Source: The lessons I learned the first time I charged an EV in public

My 2015 Honda Fit typically gets over 40 mpg. Gas runs about $5.25/gallon where I live. If the above EV scenario is typical, then using an EV costs twice as much per mile than my ICE vehicle (not including other costs including insurance or maintenance).

The EV in this story is the 2022 Chevy Bolt EV – which is basically an EV clone of the Honda Fit – exact same dimensions and cargo capacity.

By EdwardM