40% come from household family members and 20% from close social contacts:

An epidemiologist says even though most are exposed by a household member, that household member contracted the virus outside the home

Source: Clark County’s most likely sources of COVID-19 exposure | kgw.com

This is inline with estimates from Utah early in the summer, which found 66% were from household members or close social contacts (today, Utah estimates about 50%).

An obvious conclusion is that we must mandate the wearing of face masks inside your home, 24 x 7, or else you are putting your own family members at risk and should be publicly shamed.

Image from Utah Case Counts on October 23, 2020.

This also tells us that the likelihood of Covid-19 jumping out from behind trees and bushes while outside is essentially zero. This means the face mask policy in much of the country is inverted:

  • Face masks required in public
  • Face masks not required inside homes.

Should be reversed:

  • Faces masks generally not required outside or in public except in close, confined indoor spaces such as some stores, offices and transit services.
  • Faces masks must become mandatory inside homes.

By EdwardM