2 weeks ago, my desktop PC died – it was obvious the liquid cooling system had failed (1 of 2 fans stopped working) and the CPU burned out.

I went to remove the liquid cooler CPU cover and it was loose – meaning the thermal paste had failed. No cooling going on there when it died.

This PC was originally made by Cyberpower PC and perhaps they used poor quality thermal paste and/or components at the time, which is unfortunate. Who knows?

Separately I upgraded to a new system – unfortunately, today United Parcel Service (UPS) delivered a damaged box with heavy damage inside to the system. I have now contacted the manufacturer to ask them how they want me to proceed. The PC case is filled with a lot of broken bits. I suspect they will want me to ship it back to them.

Been using a Mac notebook for two weeks – which is okay but I do not have access to my usual assortment of software applications and am dead in the water for 3D printing until I get a PC back online.

At this point I may go ahead and order a replacement CPU and cooling system for my original system as I need to get this back online.

Coldstreams Skeptic