The model will only be sold in Europe and Japan, where it goes on sale in late October. Honda expects annual sales of only around 10,000 in Europe, and 1,000 at home, where it will also introduce the model into its car-sharing fleet.

The automaker said it had no plans to market the car in North America or China, its biggest markets where SUVs dominate.

Source: Honda goes small with first mass-produced all-electric car – Reuters

Car makers have successfully persuaded the U.S. consumers that bigger is better – people only buy huge SUVs and pick up trucks in the U.S.

VW has introduced the ID.3 EV but it will not be available in the U.S., either.

Instead, VW will launch the ID.4 next month – a larger (mini SUV?) electric vehicle.

Too bad for those of us in the U.S. I drive a compact Honda Fit and love it. Would not mine having a future EV that is a similar size. The Bolt EV is nearly a clone of the Honda Fit – but limits its charge rate to about 50-55 kwh, and ratchets down the charging rate after about 50-60% of battery charge is reached. That means taking a Bolt EV on a long distance trip requires twice as much charging time as other options that accept 100 kwh or higher charging power.

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