Monthly Archive: November 2019


Transportation and Energy: Electric utilities push for electric vehicle (EV) expansion to grow their businesses

Among a decline in electricity sales in the United States, electric utilities “need a new source of load growth” and “electrification of the transportation sector” is a huge opportunity. To that end, they are pushing for more EVs, even though the effect on greenhouse gas reductions may be mixed for now (due to use of fossil fuel-based generation).


Transportation: What percent of greenhouse gas emissions come from personal vehicles?

News reports imply that our cars are the largest contributor of greenhouse gases in the U.S. In fact, the “transportation” segment is the largest producer but this includes all transportation including business vehicles, medium trucks and semi-trucks, aircraft, ships at sea and more. Drilling down, a reasonable estimate is that our personal vehicles contribute about 13% to GHG output in the U.S.

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