It’s nice to be a member of the global elite and have special privileges:

Under the program, Meta maintains a list of users including politicians, celebrities, and business partners – such as advertisers, health organizations and news publishers – who are eligible for extra review if their posts are suspected of breaking the company’s rules against violence, hate speech, misinformation, nudity and other subjects. In some cases, their posts are exempted from Meta’s rules entirely.


But the board found in its report that “while Meta characterizes cross-check as a program to protect vulnerable and important voices, it appears to be more directly structured and calibrated to satisfy business concerns.”

For example, the board said based on its examination, a key rationale for how Meta reviews posts from users on the cross-check list “is to avoid provoking people” who might complain to senior executives or “create public controversy” for Meta.

Source: Facebook VIP ‘cross-check’ program slammed by Oversight Board : NPR