The CDC director said the agency is considering expanding its system of Covid community levels to take into account other respiratory viruses such as the flu. The system is the basis for when CDC advises the public to wear masks. But Walensky encouraged people to take proactive action.

Source: CDC encourages people to wear masks to prevent spread of Covid, flu, RSV

For a whole lot of reasons, if you give it a moment’s thought, masks have little to no impact on the spread of a highly contagious disease. To work, you need a highly effective mask, worn properly, handled, and disposed of properly, replaced at intervals, and worn all the time.

If you are in a room with viral particles in the air, those particles are on your skin, hair and clothing. You need to scrub everything down – it’s not just a matter of removing our mask later.

You need to wear a mask and practice these protocols continuously for the remainder of your life – or until you get the diseases – since many, such as Covid, also exist in animals and can never be eliminated.

Masks can never end a pandemic of a highly contagious disease – only immunity via vaccination, acquired via having the disease, or both, and/or the virus mutates to a less virulent form – can end such a pandemic.

At this point, masks are religious symbol of a belief system that never worked.

By EdwardM