Facebook followers: Click on “Get Notifications” to stay up to date

Thank you to those that are following these updates via Facebook.

Facebook tries to automatically figure out what posts you read. But if you do not “like”, “click on”, share or comment on pages that you have “Liked”, Facebook removes those pages from your daily “newsfeed”!  And that means pages like the App Inventor 2 Tutorial gradually disappear from your FB newsfeed!

There are two ways to fix this defect in Facebook.

1.  To insure that updates are posted to your newsfeed, click on “Like” on the App Inventor 2 FB page and then click on “Get Notifications” in the drop down menu:


You can change this setting at any time by visiting the App Inventor 2 page.

2. Alternatively, and less useful, you can click on the “Pages Feed” link that appears in the upper left column of your “newsfeed” page to see the posts that Facebook has automatically hidden from you.

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