Privacy Policy

This is a personal web site blog running on a shared virtual server. I have no control over any information that the Internet Service Provider may collect. The web server, operated by the ISP logs information about each access including IP address, operating system in use, web browser in use and the page that is accessed. This information is used, anonymously, to produce summaries of how many visitors there are to the web site, which browsers are being used, which operating systems are being used, and which pages are being read from the blog.

Separately, the WordPress blog software collects similar information. This data is again used only to produce a summary of web site access usage. Data older than 90 days is automatically deleted.


The Federal Trade Commission has implemented the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act having to do with data collection about users who may be age 13 or younger.

This web site is not targeted at children age 13 or younger and has no way of knowing the age of anyone using this web site – unless such person posts a comment and lists their age. If this occurs, and I become aware of this comment, such comments will be deleted. The alternative according to the COPPA guidelines is for me to contact the child’s parent and notify them that their child has posted a comment on this web site. But because we do not register users by age we have no way of collecting information on anyone’s parent. Therefore, such comments will be deleted when brought to our attention.

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