Still making adjustments to this web site

Yesterday, a WordPress plug in ran “amok” and used up all available system memory, causing this and all of my other web sites to become “unavailable” between about 2130 UTC and 0000 UTC. You would have  seen a “503 Service Unavailable” error when accessing any of the web sites.

I had to remove plug ins one by one from each of my web sites until finding the errant plug in. Then I disabled WordPress until the process was suspended and then restarted WordPress.

At the recommendation of my ISP, I installed a WordPress Cache plug-in which temporarily stores accessed pages as HTML static web pages, which load very fast – versus being generated by the WordPress software and database each time the page is loaded. This, however, coupled with another small change, broke https security giving a “page is not secure” error, and display formatting errors in Firefox. I believe I have that fixed today.

NOTE:  You can access this web site as or

If you access via , I have configured the web server to change the URL over to

For some reason, the form is not working to correctly redirect to the sub URL part of the path.  Since I did not see what is causing this problem, the simplest fix for now was to point to the folder, which is where the web site’s WordPress installation exists.