Welcome to the App Inventor 2 Guide and Tutorial blog

MIT App Inventor 2 is the fast and easy way to create Android apps for smart phones and tablets.

App Inventor provides a “what you see is what you get” drag and drop user interface designer, coupled with a unique graphical programming system that arranges program building “blocks” to define actions and behaviors. This makes for a simplified Android smart phone app development system that is quick to learn and quick to put to use developing your own apps.

You do not need to be programmer to use App Inventor (although any prior programming experience is valuable).

Using App Inventor, you can create many kinds of apps including personal productivity, business, games, multimedia, photography and others.

The user interface is drawn in the “Designer” and the program is created using the “Blocks” editor. A sample program in “Blocks” is shown here:

CaptureThese program components are dragged out of a palette of program “blocks” to define what the program does.

App Inventor does have some limitations – you cannot create all types of apps that are possible using the more complex Java programming language, Eclipse Integrated Development Environment and the Android SDK. But, you can create a wide variety of applications using App Inventor.

App Inventor has some limits on program size – you will notice especially that as your programs become large, the performance of the program “Designer” editor will slow down.