Minor change to the appinventor.pevest.com web site

I have made a minor change to how posts now appear on this web site. Longer posts – especially the tutorial type posts – will show only their introductory text and images. Click on the “Continue reading–” link that appears below the post to read the full text.

By shortening the text that appears on the main page, page loads will be faster. Plus, more “short posts” can appear on the main page, making it easier to review recent content, quickly.

This change also creates a more accurate count of the posts that readers find interesting, helping to to identify the type of tutorials and content that readers want to see. Previously, full length posts, read on the main page, were not counted on the popular posts list.

Within about 2 months of starting to ramp up content on this web site, we are now seeing about 200 unique visitors each day, many arriving after searching for “how to” information using Google or other web search.

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