An Update on the Tip Calculator App, and How to share on social media

I have added buttons after each post on the App Inventor Tutorial so you can quickly share these posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on. Please feel free to share! Your friends might like to know how they can create their own Android apps too (unless they are stuck using an iPhone … oh dear!)

An Update on the Tip Calculator App

I said there would be 3 versions and I was going to publish version 3 this evening … but we ate at a restaurant tonight and I used version 3 to calculate the tip and promptly thought of improvements!

So this evening I rewrote Version 3 (whose tutorial will appear shortly) and then created two more versions!

  • Version 3 will introduce a refined user interface that eliminates user data entry errors completely.
  • Version 4 introduces “procedures” to clean up the code in preparation for version 5 and introduces the concept of “refactoring” where we rewrite the code to make it better.
  • Version 5 revises Version 4 to make the calculation of the tip fully automatic.

So scratch those previous references to three Tip Calculator versions – we are going for five!