Using the WebViewer Control in App Inventor

Would it be neat if you could display pages from the web in your Android app? Well, you can!

And it is very easy to do in App Inventor.

In the Designer, drop a WebViewer control on to your app’s screen design area. The WebViewer control is located at the bottom of the user interface section of the Palette:


After dropping the control on to your user interface, select the control and set the Properties. In particular, set a default or initial web URL to display on the screen. Here, I have set the default URL to Be sure to include the leading http://



When your app runs, the WebViewer will automatically load the page at the HomeURL.

You can change this page, programmatically. Here, for example, in response to a button press, the URL is changed to my 3D blog.


Once this runs, the new page is read in to the viewer. Just like this!


6 thoughts on “Using the WebViewer Control in App Inventor”

    1. I assume you are referring to the item labeled When btnDemoWebViewer.Click? When I wrote that tutorial I did not post a full set of code – sorry about that.I should re do it. What is – I dragged a Button control from the palette onto the Designer View. Then, I selected the Button with my mouse, and under Components, I renamed the button to “btnDemoWebViewer”.

      Next, go over to Blocks. On the left hand side, you should fine a control labeled btnDemoWebViewer. Click on that and you will see a popup display of events, properties and methods (procedures) for the selected control. There will be one labeled “btnDemoWebViewer.Click”. Select and drag that on to the Blocks editing area – and your done!


  1. Hello, I need to capture images in the second phone from an online streaming video of first phone and store it in second phone. i need help to create an app for the second phone… plzzz help me…

    1. My first thought is this cannot be done in App Inventor.

      First, you would have to transfer the data over Bluetooth to the other phone – and that is not fast enough for video. App Inventor does not enable us to access WiFi for the link.

      Second, there is not a way to send an image or video over Bluetooth. That would require accessing the image in binary form and transferring the bytes across a link.

      I do not think this can be done.


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