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Lenovo and NAF sponsor App Inventor-based STEM curriculum

Students will be using App Inventor:

Lenovo and the National Academy Foundation (NAF) today announced 10 NAF Academies have been selected to participate in the Lenovo Scholar Network, a program designed to enable the next generation of developers and entrepreneurs through a rich application development curriculum and creation of apps. As part of the program, students will participate in a project-based competition that tasks them with designing and developing a mobile app and a business plan for taking the app to market.

via Lenovo and the National Academy Foundation Announce Academies Selected to the Lenovo Scholar Network | Business Wire.

App Inventor said to make creation of Android apps too easy

Malicious attackers find App Inventor so easy to use they can create their own nasty Android apps quickly:

App Inventor doesn’t give malicious apps any special powers nor access to exotic exploits to attack your phone. But it does make the production of Trojanized apps enormously easy. With only a basic understanding of Android programming, an attacker can churn out tons of malicious apps.

via Mobile Threat Monday: Android Attackers Use App Inventor for Evil.

There is nothing in App Inventor itself that is any different than any other Android app written, for example, in Java using Eclipse and the Android SDK. The issue is that App Inventor lowers the barrier for writing Android apps of all types, including malware. Again, there is nothing in App Inventor itself that is nasty.