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Changing an App Inventor button’s color continuously

How to implement a button that continuously changes color, as demonstrated in this video example:

The Designer View

Create a simple user interface with two buttons – one to start the color change and the other to stop the color changes. In the button properties, set the button shape to “oval”.



Drag a clock component into the Designer – the Clock will appear as a non-visible component at the bottom of the Viewer.

Blocks Code

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Blockly – a Javascript programming system inspired by App Inventor

Blockly is intended for use by software developers (rather than children learning to code) to generate Javascript:

Blockly was influenced by App Inventor, which in turn was influenced by Scratch, which in turn was influenced by StarLogo. As a result, children who are familiar with one have no difficulty moving to another.

via Blockly — Google Developers.

Actually, it can output Javascript, Python and Dart programs too 🙂


App Inventor Tutorial e-book now available from Google Play Books, Apple Books, Amazon, Kobo and Nook Books

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Changing the color of a button (or other components) in App Inventor

This tutorial covers the simple changing of the color of a button, while the app is running. You may also set a component’s color by changing the color properties on the Properties list in the Designer.

A second tutorial will show how to implement the continuously changing color demonstrated in the video example. That will be posted next!

The Designer View

To demonstrate the “simple” version, create an app with this user interface:


That’s simple!

Each time the button is pressed, the color of the button will change.

Blocks Code

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