I was reading about a Youtube content creator and noted he had an unexpected international background. That led me to look up some others – 100% have global skillsets.

  • Sam Denby (Wendover Productions, Half as Interesting), American, studied 4 years at Univ of Edinburgh, Intl Business
  • CGP Grey (his real initials), born in US, has dual citizenship in US and Ireland and was a teacher for years, in London
  • Joseph Pisenti, Real Engineering, American, has degree in international relations, is fluent in Russian, and is eligible for Italian citizenship
  • Spain on a Fork, Alex Bave, born in Spain, grew up in Los Angeles, returned to Spain. (Best cooking channel on Youtube).
  • Antoanetta Now, only bio is moved from Los Angeles to Spain and Europe
  • Medhi Sadaghdar, ElectroBoom, born in Iran, relocated to Canada as an adult.
  • Evynne Hollens. I noticed she sang songs in Spanish and is co-developing a bilingual musical called Milagro. Turns out she has a degree in Spanish which means …
  • Paul Jorgensen, Langfocus and Geofocus channels. Canadian, of Danish heritage, traveled in the mid-east and is now an English teacher living in Japan. (The story where I read about this was written by an American who attended the University of Nevada but now lives in Spain…)
  • Ria Jairam, Ria’s Shack (wireless communications and ham radio). Born in the Trinidad/Tabago islands, now in the U.S., she is an engineer, ARRL Director, and an energetic producer of wireless-related videos.
  • Greg Reverdiau, Pilot Institute, originally from France, he is co-founder of the Pilot Institute in Prescott, Arizona.
  • Jonas Marcinko, flying and aircraft building. He’s from the U.S., and his wife is a native of Lithuania. Great channel for us aviation geeks.
  • Dan Markham, “What’s Inside?” channel. American, living in Utah, but he was born in Manila. Totally unexpected when I learned that.
  • Martin Johnson/Julie Johnson and family, “Off Grid Living” documenting their homestead project in North Idaho. Awesome family. Julie studied in Argentina, and the whole family were missionaries for 9 years in Indonesia.

Nearly every Youtube channel I subscribe is from American content producers with extensive international experience, Americans now living abroad, or producers who are from other countries – this pattern extends across a broad range of topics. I gave up cross checking when I found few exceptions to the international experience pattern. Also, many of the channels I follow – Itchy Boots, Mark Felton, etc are produced by content producers from other countries.

Why is international experience important?

I can only guess – perhaps because those with international experience have led a more adventurous life? More willing to take risks? More skills (especially in languages and cross cultural communications)? More self confident in pursuing independent work? They learned skills that leverage or enhance their curiosity and creativity?

I can only speculate.

I am so convinced of the critical importance of global skills today that I am unlikely to pursue some projects I have in mind – until I have actual global skills. Seriously.

On that point, I have a plan to develop global skills that starts very soon and extends, so far, past 2024. That time frame is aggressive – when you consider that many developed skills as a full-time foreign exchange or college study abroad students, plus internships, or military or work experience, family travel and connections, and possibly language study too – or from years of travel- it can readily take 2 years to only partially catch up as I will not be able to do this full time. But I am now on it!

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