The Points Guy has an updated list of country travel restrictions. Also see the U.S. Department of State travel page.

NOTE – As of November 27, 2021 many governments have enacted immediate travel bans in response to a B.1.1.529 variant of SARS-CoV-2. For example, the U.S. has prohibited travel from seven South African countries, Israel has suspended entry of any foreigner into Israel, and the UK requires all travelers to the UK to be PCR tested prior to arrival and then again a day or two after arrival; if either test is positive, travelers must quarantine at their own expense for up to 2 weeks. These actions make international travel difficult – countries randomly change travel requirements on short notice, which may result in stranding travelers and adding much to travel expenses. Thus, travel remains unpredictable.

As of November 2021, numerous countries – plus Puerto Rico – require a negative PCR test for entry. Depending on your situation and how many travelers in your group, the testing regime could be very expensive. Further, if you get a negative test result “in country”, you will have to isolate and quarantine at your own expense. In some countries, this will be in government run detainment – paid for by you.

Canada has opened to vaccinated U.S. travelers but requires you provide a detailed plan for how you will accommodate the possibility that you could test positive in Canada, and then would have to be quarantined for 14 days. For vacation travelers, this might be a high hurdle – unless you have family connections in Canada and can arrange to stay in their home for your quarantine. As a result, this border re-opening seems primarily for families to get together – and possibly not for general travelers.

Some countries now mandate that you purchase quarantine insurance to cover the costs of a quarantine. Others now mandate that you purchase health insurance valid in the country – and some countries require that you purchase a policy from an in-country insurance outlet, meaning your generic international travel insurance is not compliant with their rules.

The impacts of these requirements – potentially multiple tests, possible quarantines, mandatory insurance – may make travel at this time, difficult – and potentially expensive.

That’s my naive view. Perhaps experienced travelers can figure out how to navigate all this.

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