Source: After the ruling: Americans ask Google how to move to Canada

Within hours of a SCOTUS ruling this past week, Internet forums were inundated with thousands of posts asking about moving to another country. Nearly all the posts come from people who naively think it’s an easy process to move somewhere else, unaware of the difficulties of obtaining residency visas and the logistical challenges of a move abroad.

Many posts implied the poster thought it easy to move to Canada, the UK, somewhere in Europe, New Zealand, Australia and elsewhere – oblivious to the reality that they cannot do so. Obtaining a visa is hard, generally restricted to younger people with advanced skills and educations in specialized fields, or to those who can afford an “investment visa”.

I wrote a brief post on my other blog about the reality of moving abroad:


Photo credit is me – photo of Castle de Haar, the Netherlands.


Reddit has a forum group -> (1) I Want Out: Information for people who want to expatriate (

This forum has been inundated with posts from people asking how they can leave the U.S. and magically move to country X.

Some have dual citizenship or a spouse with dual citizenship and a move for them may be feasible. Some have advanced degrees in engineering or health care subjects, and due to their young ages, may have options for work visas.

But most have neither special situations nor advanced skills. Few bother to look up online and do a little research by themselves – instead, they immediately jump to the forums with naive questions such as “I work in this low skilled job, can I move to Norway? It looks very scenic there.” Please – do some research first.

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