• Africa – 46% (Dec, 2020)
  • Caribbean Islands – 47% (Dec 2020)
  • Asia – 64% (mid 2021)
  • Central America – 61% (Dec 2020)
  • South Pacific Region – 67% (Dec 2020)
  • South America – 72% (Dec 2020)
  • Mid-East – 75% (Mar 2021)
  • Europe – 87% (Dec 2020)
  • North America – 95% (Dec 2020)

Source: Internet Usage Statistics

The de fault language of the Internet has, so far, been English.

About 13% of the world’s population is fluent in English and up to 25% may have some (likely limited) knowledge of English. Interestingly, forecasts are that the percent who speak English in the world will decrease by half by 2050. Think about that!

Regardless, the Internet greatly expands the opportunity for international business – both in terms of making products available, but also in terms of coordinating work across multiple locations. It is common, in some businesses, to operate 24×7 by shifting work, such as call center work, from one center to another around the globe. But it also makes it far easier to move tasks from one multinational division to another division in another country.

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