Today brings news that the Netherlands is on “lock down”, France has banned travel to/from the UK, and Germany will apparently require quarantines of arrivals from the UK. Denmark has closed most public venues.

There are more restrictions than just those. While these generally extend to mid-January to end of January, at this point this seems like this will be forever and we may never again be allowed to travel internationally (exceptions to the elite, of course).

We are near day #660 of 15 days to flatten the curve – and I am having a hard time understanding what, if anything, epidemiologists have accomplished during the 660 days – anyone? It is hard to have confidence or belief in public health anymore as it seems they have accomplished nothing.

As of today, 89 countries have detected the Omicron virus. What did a ban on travel from 8 south African nations accomplish?

As Omicron rampages across the world, there will undoubtedly be another variant in a few months and this will just go on forever. I am starting to suffer effects of serious depression – sadly, public health has defined “health” as “Covid-19” and no other health problems matter to them.

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