Good question: How do you get a Covid test for travel requirements?

A negative COVID test continues to be a requirement to travel the world—including for entry into the United States. Here’s how to get the right test when you need it.

Source: How to Get a COVID Test for International Travel

The above linked report has several suggestions for getting required tests. There is an option to purchase DIY Rapid Tests that you can take on your trip. They require you take the swab sample while you are watched over a telehealth connection to verify that it is you that is doing the test. Cost is $25 per test but they are sold, it says, in a six pack. These meet CDC requirements for travel.

A similar question unrelated to travel is how do you get a Covid test locally?

In October 2021, I was sick and decided to get a Covid test. I found a local pharmacy where we do a self-swab at the pharmacy, and they then sent to a lab. Apparently, they were part of a grant program and there was no charge for the test, although it took about 5 days to get results (my result was “negative”). That was the first (and so far) only time I have had a Covid test. Also, for whatever reason, this PCR test was not approved for use in conjunction with any travel scenario. That’s another issue – not all tests, even PCR tests, are acceptable. Who knows why?

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