Can Americans drive from the lower 48, through Canada, to Alaska?

Technically, yes, but in a practical sense, probably not for most people.

To cross from the U.S. into Canada, via land (or via ferry), you need to be fully vaccinated and present a PCR test done within 72 hours prior to reaching the border.

You must fill out an online application for entry prior to arriving at the border.

You must have a plan for how you will handle being quarantined if you have contact with someone who has Covid-19, or you test positive for Covid-19. This requires a plan for where you will stay (and it must meet their requirements – unclear that a travel trailer would qualify), and how you will pay for it. Your plan must also specify how you will be provided with food while under detainment. This applies to everyone, even the tripled vaxxed.

You may be randomly selected at the border to be tested for Covid-19. It’s random now but their web site says they intend to ramp up to testing 100% of all travelers. While waiting for your test results (which could apparently take several days) you are required to quarantine at your own expense until a negative test result is available.

The border crossing staff are given authority to arbitrarily to deny your entry to Canada for any reason this wish.

Upon your return from Alaska, you get to repeat this again, crossing into Canada to return to the mainland U.S.

Fully vaccinated Americans can enter Alaska via land, or the U.S., via land, without providing a Covid-19 test. It is easier to “return home”.

In effect, car travel from the U.S. to Canada remains de facto banned – unless you have a very compelling reason for travel and the resources to meet these requirements.

It looks like the border may reopen in, perhaps, the year 2135. I am losing hope that borders will re-open in my lifetime.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

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