Travelers, wary of their trips getting canceled, are booking two trips around the same dates. One, a riskier option (like a cruise or an international holiday), and second, a more reliable option such as a road trip to a national park. Since things can change overnight, travelers aren’t willing to allow border closures, new infection rates, and difficult requirements stop them from going on a trip completely.


Refundable bookings and flexible dates are the way to go here. It does cost a little more to book fully refundable holidays–airlines and hotels may also charge non-refundable booking fees, but it’s a better option than losing all your money if you need to postpone.

Source: What Is Trip Stacking? And Should You Do It?

“Trip Stacking” is the new term (new to me!) for experienced, savvy travelers booking two trips at the same time – so in case one destinations is canceled due to Covid restrictions – they can still go on a trip somewhere, typically to a fall back domestic destination.

Pulling this off adds a new level of complexity. Airlines will not permit you to book multiple flights that occur at the same time – you’ll need to do that on separate airlines. “Refundable” air fares are often refunded in miles, points or credits good for future air travel – in other words, not cash, so you will be tying up funds for some time.

“Double booking” also means more air seats and hotels are pre-booked – and that leads to rising prices for everyone else.

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