Opinion | Globalization Is Over. The Global Culture Wars Have Begun. – The New York Times

Probably true. I have a near perfect history of getting interested in a new area just as that interest area collapses. In this case, globalization and the importance of international experience.

For example, in 2011 and 2012, I took up 3D photography – unaware that 3D was at that the 3D market was collapsing. My timing is always perfect – not.

Hence, now that I am finally studying internationalization, history, business and travel, globalization is at an end.


The argument in the link is that the “West” (i.e. America) pushes its values across the world and this is what everyone wanted, when many apparently do not want those values. This comes about, presumably, from American’s lack of understanding of other cultures. Hence, we need more international experience, knowledge and thinking to work with other nations.

Unfortunately, pandemic policies restricted travel (according to WHO, almost entirely unnecessarily as travel restrictions they note, do not work). These restrictions have only been partially removed as of spring of 2022.

The U.S., for no apparent reason, still requires every person arriving in the U.S. by air, to be tested for Covid – but not those arriving by land. These illogical rules hinder global travel, and hence, global understanding. As of April 2022, the White House has stated that it has no plans at this time to remove this testing regime. Indeed, testing for diseases and proof of vaccination for multiple disease may become the norm – as a way of controlling people, not actually doing anything for public health.

Some of the restrictions have become permanent – many countries now mandate not just travel medical insurance, but medical insurance purchased “in country” (for $10 to $15 per day), and some require mandatory quarantine insurance and coverage to be returned home. Coupled with pent up demand driving prices higher, international travel will likely become much more expensive moving into the future.

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