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P1030607_2-300x279Edward Mitchell has worked in software development, project and program management in companies from Silicon Valley to Microsoft Corporation  and has taught management and computer information systems courses at Gonzaga University and at a community college.

He earned a B.S. in information and computer science from the University of California, an M.B.A. from Gonzaga University (2001), and an M.S. in software engineering from Regis University (2012). For more background, visit  LinkedIn.

His interests include methods of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of software development including better tools (like App Inventor), software development and organizational process improvements that can lead to building the right solutions, faster and more reliably, and teaching others about software development concepts. In addition to this guide, he has written about a dozen books on technical subjects and has interests spanning 3D still and video photography to flying a hovercraft.

He resides in Redmond  , Oregon.

Pevest Press develops and publishes e-books, interactive reference and tutorial guides and apps for smart phones and tablets.


App Inventor Step-by-Step Guides are available from Amazon, Google Play, Kobo Books and other e-book sellers.

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3 thoughts on “About”

  1. (Re-posting the original comment from Martin W as the web site was hacked)

    Hi I bought Graphics, Animation and Charts.
    On Location 1250 of 1339 of Kindle Cloud Reader it states source code for finished Strip Chart Recorder is:
    It is only text and no hyper link.
    So My questions are:
    1) Can you please supply the source code.
    2) Is it easy to add more than one line?
    If so how would I start to do that please?

  2. In reply to Martin Whitlock.
    I just emailed you a copy of that source file. It’s also the last file in the .zip file containing all the source files.


  3. Hello from France!

    I could find no “mailto” link, so I am using this page to contact you.

    According to my computer, in 2015, you wrote me about AUGUSTA.

    At the moment, in France, we are in “containment mode”, so we have more free time than usual.

    I would like to take this opportunity to finish ressurrecting AUGUSTA.

    As I explained, 5 years ago, all I am missing is the source code of the run-time system.

    5 years ago, you said that you would send it to me, but maybe you were busy with something else?

    What is sure is that, if you search for “Edward Mitchell”, one of the first thing that appears online is “AUGUSTA”.

    It is just a pity that your most famous work can no longer be used, because of the missing RTS!

    Mr. Emmanuel Roche, France

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