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Denmark launches “vaccine passport” in early 2021

Meanwhile, those of us at the back of the vaccine line (Fall of 2021) will be locked down forever:

Denmark is planning to introduce a digital ‘vaccine passport’ soon to enable citizens with jabs against Covid-19 to travel to countries where such documents may be obligatory for entry during the pandemic.

Source: Denmark to roll out coronavirus ‘vaccine passport’ for travelers in early 2021 — RT World News

Clown show: “Oregon coronavirus vaccine equity group lists litany of systemic injustices, needs more information to endorse vaccines”

The Oregonian newspaper, today:

This is the 27-member Advisory Committee tasked with establishing guidelines for administering vaccines in Oregon.

Zhenya Abbruzzese, a committee member representing Oregon’s Slavic community, wanted to establish that everyone was in favor of the coronavirus vaccine, asking if the members were “willing to put our credibility behind and promote it to our communities.”

At least one member said she didn’t know enough about the vaccine, and the committee tabled a vote on the question until its members have the opportunity to learn more.

The committee will meet again Jan. 14.

It’s a clown show all the way down from OHA Director Patrick Allen.

Source: Oregon coronavirus vaccine equity group lists litany of systemic injustices, needs more information to endorse vaccines –

From KOIN TV comes this headline:

And this:

The advisory committee held a meet-and-greet on Tuesday. But it took an hour and a half just to get through introductions during Thursday’s first official meeting as committee members were asked to share their word of the day.

One committee member told KOIN 6 News that at this pace they won’t be done until August and pointed out that Oregon is already behind other states in vaccine distribution and with simply holding vaccine advisory committee meetings.

State health leaders had planned on vaccinating 100,000 people by the end of December but a week into the new year the state has administered just 55,000 of the nearly 211,000 doses it’s received.

Public health in Oregon is a clown show. Director Pat Allen needs to be fired IMMEDIATELY. PEOPLE’S LIVES ARE AT STAKE WHILE HE DAWDLES.

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likely Fall of 2021 before general population has access to vaccines

OHA Director Patrick Allen said in a press conference Friday that ordinary Oregonians could be waiting until this fall to receive their first dose.”


“Asked when members of Oregon’s general population could expect to receive a vaccine, Allen said that the fall of 2021 was “a reasonable target”, but said it could be sooner or later than that.


“I think fall is a reasonable target,” OHA Director Pat Allen [said] about herd immunity. He blamed the optimism of the federal government for misleading people over when they will be eligible to get the vaccine.

“This is going to take a while. I think it’s been challenging for people to hear that messaging from us, when the federal government has been much more optimistic in their messaging,” Allen said.

Source: ‘It’s going to take many months to get all Oregonians vaccinated’ |

The OHA Director should not just accept the Fall of 2021 date – it is his direct responsibility to move heaven and earth to move that forward by months. That he does nothing but accept this tells us about failed leadership.

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Widespread vaccinations of marketing people and administrators at hospitals

The state of Oregon’s plan all along was to vaccinate health care workers first, the people who come in contact with patients and are most at-risk of getting COVID-19.

Some KGW viewers sent emails asking why hospital marketing employees and administrators were posting pictures of themselves on social media getting the vaccine.

In a news conference this week, Oregon Health Authority (OHA) officials said what they thought was an isolated incident was more widespread.

“We have become aware of vaccinators vaccinating staff kind going beyond the 1a categories definitions, which are people involved in risk of patient contact. The key is contact,” said Patrick Allen with the OHA.

Allen said in the news conference hospitals should not be vaccinating employees without direct patient contact and said updated guidance would be going out to hospitals.

“It’s more widespread than we first thought. We are providing some very direct guidance out that we are still in category 1a and we shouldn’t be moving on to the people without patient exposure,” said Allen.

Source: COVID-19 vaccines go to Oregon hospital employees who don’t have contact with patients |

Told ya: Teachers are next group to be vaccinated

Predicted this on December 24: Teachers in Oregon may begin to be vaccinated by Feb 15th

And just like that on January 7 comes this announcement: “Educators will be next group vaccinated, Oregon health officials

The 27 member Advisory Committee behind this held their first meeting on January 6th and will meet once per week until about the end of February, when they issue their final recommendations on distributing vaccines.

Based on CDC and Oregon public health comments, I will not be eligible to wait in line until likely mid-summer of 2021 and it may be into the fall before I can be vaccinated. I am concerned government and businesses will set up “immunity passports” (under intense pressure from the vaccinated, to do so) and cut many of us out of life’s activities, merely because the government prohibits us from being vaccinated until late in 2021.

Update: Jan 9 – Denmark has announced it will launch “vaccine passports” shortly, and this will likely be required to travel and to attend festivals and events.

UPDATE: Oregon’s general population will have access to vaccinations starting IN THE FALL OF 2021.

UPDATE: California teacher’s unions say that even after teachers are vaccinated, they do not intend to return to the classroom. Oh boy, that’s going to go over well.

Pandemic policies lead to child weight gain

The headline on this article is incorrect – it’s the policies, not the epidemic itself, that led to child weight gain:

Two pediatricians fighting the childhood obesity epidemic say the weight gain they are seeing in kids during the Covid-19 pandemic is neither trivial nor can it wait — and kids from Black and Brown communities have been disproportionately affected.

Source: US childhood obesity epidemic worsened by Covid-19 pandemic – CNN

Where I live, we went through months of closed city parks, school playing fields, state parks, state forests. Kids were prohibited with playing with their friends across the street. Even outdoors.

Public health ordered all kids to remain inside, watching TV and eating junk food. And then express shock at the result and blame “the pandemic” rather than acknowledge their policies that, 9 months after it began, have led to the worst conditions imaginable in California, Arizona and elsewhere. Their policies failed.

Providence Hospital System defies America’s slow vaccine rollout trend

My state largely suspended vaccinations over the long Christmas and New Years holiday weekends.

But here, the Providence health system (I am former patient and biased in their favor) had their act together, began planning and implementing solutions months ago.

This is how it is done:

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Governor orders public health to get its act together

Oregon vaccinations – in the midst of an alleged emergency, the state largely stopped giving out vaccinations during the holidays.

The Governor has just told Oregon Health Authority to get its act together.

“Gov. Kate Brown late Monday ordered the state health agency to ramp up COVID-19 vaccinations, setting a goal of 12,000 doses given a day within two weeks”

Public health failed us and is getting called out for their lack of planning.

At 12,000 doses/day, it will take 250 days to give ONE DOSE to 70% of the state’s population – basically September. At TWO DOSES and 12,000/day, it will take until April 2022 to achieve 70% with full vaccination. Single dose vaccines should be available by mid-year which will hopefully accelerate that to December 2021 to achieve 70%.[1]

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