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Good news: Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine candidate’s preliminary results look good

The new clinical trial data shows a single shot of the vaccine “gives sustainable antibodies,” Dr. Paul Stoffels, J&J chief scientific officer, told CNBC.

Source: J&J’s one-shot Covid vaccine is safe, generates promising immune response

This vaccine may be shipping by April, and if the U.S. has an order for this vaccine, this might provide sufficient doses to vaccinate a large number and ensure that vaccinations are open to the general public before summer.

Out: Living in the big city core, In: Single family homes in suburb and rural markets

Rent in San Francisco has declined 27% since the start of the pandemic, the sharpest decline in the country, according to Apartment List. Asking rents are down 22% in Seattle, 21% in Boston and 20% in New York City, according to the company.

Source: Portland apartment rents fell significantly in 2020, with downtown driving sharp decline –

Portland rents are down 7%.

As the article notes, the attractions of downtown living – being close to work, lots of restaurants, close to other attractions and events – are useless in a pandemic.

Now, many are working from home, restaurants are closed, and events and attractions are canceled.

Last night I watched a video about NYC residents moving out – with many moving to rural or small town areas such as in Vermont. As one couple noted, there they could be twice the house and one-third the price.

Will this migration reverse when the pandemic is done?

Related: use of mass transportation – buses and light rails has plummeted and may threaten the viability of some public transit systems.

If “restrictions” stopped influenza, why did they fail to stop Covid-19?

Remember, I am idiot who observes things and asks stupid questions.

The low incidence of influenza is attributed to the lock downs, face masks and social distancing required for Covid-19.

But if it worked for influenza, why did such measures not work for Covid-19?

Australia and other countries in the Southern Hemisphere just finished their easiest flu seasons on record, and the United States and other nations in the Northern Hemisphere could have an easy time, too — if people get flu shots, practice social distancing and wear masks.


Flu season in the Southern Hemisphere started just as Covid-19 hit. All the precautions people took to control the new virus — staying home, practicing social distancing, wearing masks — also helped keep flu numbers low.

Source: After record low flu season in Australia, US hopes for the same – CNN

But why did they fail to keep Covid-19 numbers low? By winter we have 10x more daily new cases than we did in the two prior waves.

Good news: Overall hospitalization rate for Covid-19 continues to drop

Below is a chart I create for my state (Oregon).

I removed the Y-axis because the number is not relevant – it is the trend that is important. As the line drops to the right, this indicates fewer patients are hospitalized for Covid-19 relative to the number of people diagnosed with Covid-19.

This could occur for many reasons with the most likely being that far more young people have tested positive for Covid-19, and due to age, were less likely to be hospitalized. Another possibility might be that the disease is somewhat less virulent. Who knows? I suspect age is the primary factor.

Note that I compare the most recent week of hospital census figures to the sum of new positive test cases one week ago (days 8-14). This is because people get sick, and then 1 to 2 weeks later, they end up in the hospital. Last I looked it was a median of 12 days from positive test to hospitalized, for those that end up in the hospital.

Please remember that I am an idiot with no health care experience. I observe things and ask stupid questions. My comments are for entertainment purposes only.

Opinion: State’s vaccine priority plan a barrier to herd immunity –

To achieve enough immunity in Oregon means providing nearly 33,000 vaccinations every day for 6 months in a two-dose per person approach. On January 10, 5,422 doses were administered in Oregon.

Source: Opinion: State’s vaccine priority plan a barrier to herd immunity –

What I said last fall. Public health in this state has failed us and its head should be fired.

But I am an idiot with no health care expertise. I look at data and ask stupid questions. My comments are for entertainment purposes only.

Good news – This is Brilliant! Using Eventbrite’s platform to schedule vaccinations

Public health programs never planned ahead for scheduling vaccine appointments. Sigh. But Sarasota FL has a great solution!

The 34-year-old’s parents spend their winters in Siesta Key, Fla., part of Sarasota County, which is using Eventbrite Inc.’s ticketing platform to schedule vaccine appointments. The platform is familiar to Ms. Solovey, but not to some older people including her parents, who are in their 70s, she said. Her father was also using a first-generation iPad on a shaky wireless connection, making it hard to enter all the information required before the system timed him out.


We’re trying to get this vulnerable group vaccinated against a deadly virus and we’re doing it the same way that I got ‘Hamilton’ tickets at the Kennedy Center,” Ms. Solovey said.

Source: Health Officials Scramble to Provide Booking Systems for Covid-19 Vaccines – WSJ

This is brilliant. Watching vaccination fiasco unfold, I kept thinking this is a place where private industry excels. Glad to hear that Disneyland is setting mass vaccination clinic in SoCal – no one else in the world manages waiting in line better than Disney. And imagine what Amazon could have accomplished if anyone had asked them?

Retail pharmacies are now ramping up with online scheduling systems too.

Update: Many tech companies are stepping into to offer assistance.

State and local public health were never the right groups to handle this – they don’t have the technical skill nor resources. Even with many months to plan, they messed up. Glad to see businesses lending their expertise to get these vaccine programs ramped up.

Governor again does public health’s job for them

  • About 10 days ago, Governor Brown of Oregon ordered the state’s public health authority OHA, to ramp up to 12,000 doses of vaccine/day by end of this week – because OHA was averaging less than 3,000/day 3+ weeks into the distribution – and they largely shut down for Christmas and New Year’s long weekends.
  • Later in the week, she ordered the National Guard to begin distribution of vaccines in mass vaccination programs starting this week – because OHA hadn’t set up any mass vaccination prorams.
  • Today, she ordered that doses be given to anyone age 65 and older, plus teachers and staff starting this Saturday.

Meanwhile, OHA’s Director Pat Allen continues running his clown show vaccine Advisory Committee – a group that held its first meeting just last week (months late) and at their first meeting, could not agree that anyone be vaccinated!

I expect Pat Allen’s Advisory Committee will be overruled by the Governor too – we don’t have time for silly bureaucratic clowns to play their games.

Source: Clown show: “Oregon coronavirus vaccine equity group lists litany of systemic injustices, needs more information to endorse vaccines” | Coldstreams Business and Tech