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CDC says vaxxed kids must wear face masks forever

As the vaccine for ages 5-11 becomes available, the CDC will not change it’s “gudiance”:

“As we head into these winter months, we know we cannot be complacent,” Walensky said during a briefing of the White House COVID-19 response team. She made clear that dropping mask mandates in schools would constitute precisely such an act of complacency, pointing to a recent study that found schools without mask mandates were 3.7 times more likely to experience a coronavirus outbreak than schools where mask wearing was required.“

So right now, we’re going to continue to recommend masks in all schools, for all people in those schools,” Walensky said.

Source: CDC recommends masks stay on in schools

Who listens to these people anymore? They’ve been wrong about everything for 20 months now.

There are published reports that the risk of mortality, for kids, is less than for typical influenza years. We are now using near useless masking in schools (unlike most countries of the world) to hypothetically prevent exposure to mostly vaccinated adults. Nothing here makes logical or consistent sense.

The CDC is a joke. They fully intend to have us wearing face masks the remainder of our lives. They can go to hell.

Covid-19 kills more men than women

  • The overall death rate for men is 1.6 times higher than the death rate for women;
  • The gap is widest in the middle of the age distribution, with 184 male deaths for every 100 female deaths.
  • As death rates have fallen, the gender gap has narrowed slightly
  • The gap is not explained by a higher number of cases among men, or differences in pre-existing conditions

Source: At least 65,000 more men than women have died from COVID-19 in the US

UK Doctors want to reimpose Covid-19 restrictions

Face masks forever!

U.K. medical professionals have issued an urgent plea to the British government to reimpose Covid restrictions just as experts watch a virus mutation closely.

Source: UK doctors call for return of Covid restrictions; new mutation watched

Little of what was done in the past made any difference, so let’s do more of it, all over again!

Does anyone still listen to those folks?

CDC issues new COVID holiday guidelines

Who still listens to the CDC?

The CDC issued new holiday guidelines for COVID safety after its previous recommendation for “virtual celebrations” sparked widespread backlash.

Source: CDC issues new COVID holiday guidelines after ‘virtual celebrations’ recommendation sparked backlash

Based on what we have witnessed the past 20 months, the CDC is lost. Their name is Centers for Disease Control and Prevention but failed to control or prevent anything regarding Covid-19. Based on my actual lived experience of the past 20 months, I have zero confidence or trust in them or their public health partners.

President of Royal College of Paediatrics calls for stop to Covid testing of healthy students

Mass Covid testing in schools should be stopped since it is causing “unnecessary chaos,” and expert has warned.

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health’s president, Dr Camilla Kingdon, told The Daily Telegraph that children should not have to “carry the burden” of the pandemic.

In secondary schools, the current system sees students take lateral flow tests twice a week has faced criticism.“

You are asking completely healthy children to test, with the potential to be excluded (from school), there is just a real concern that we are increasing a level of chaos into the system that is unnecessary,” Dr Kingdon said.

Source: Calls for mass Covid testing to be scrapped in schools | News and Star

Others say to focus on hospitalization metrics. “Daily positive test case” counts are no longer representative of disease burden thanks to vaccines (and acquired immunity and tests measuring viral fragments) and false positive results.

Never believe an epidemiologist

OHSU warns us people are going to restaurants , visiting with others indoors and attending large superspreader events!

OHSU releases its latest model for Oregon Covid-19 progression.

Chart showing increase in Risk Behaviors

The use of cloth facial coverings is only 65% and dropping, going to indoor restaurants is increasing, visiting others indoors in groups is going up, and participation in large events is up.

Clearly, this is why positive daily test cases are rising rapidly!

Chart Showing Risk – Oh, Wait – A Drop in Daily Cases

As you can see, daily positive test cases are climbing steadily – oh wait, oopsie, they are going down:

Obviously, the Decline is Due to a Cloth Facial Covering Mandate

Thus, while risk behaviors go up, cases go down. There must be a reason – and you just know what it is! Cloth facial coverings mandates! Praise be to our lord Governor and public health experts!

Of course, cases were falling about ten days BEFORE the “mask recommendation” and falling steadily for weeks before the “Mask requirement” went into effect. The “blip” in the cases curve is likely due to schools and colleges re-opening, with extra Covid testing. After the mask “requirement” went into effect the slope of the curve remained roughly the same. To an “expert” this proves that cloth facial coverings worked!

The cases began falling in advance of the mask mandates because the virus was able to telepathically communicate with future requirements! Obviously!

OHSU and OHA have literally said cases – which were dropping before mandates – went down because of mask mandates. They make no attempt to compare to a control group (such as another state); that would be, like, you know, doing real science and real statistics.

(A cynic might suggest that when cases were falling on their own, the “experts” were scared people might notice cases ebb and flow regardless of mandates – thus, quick, put up a mask mandate so we can claim credit for our expert mask requirements!)

Cases Falling Everywhere Though

Of course, 36 other states have no mask mandates indoors or outdoors and – surprise – their cases are going down too.

Why are Epidemiologists So Out of Touch?

The only conclusion I can draw from inconsistent and contradictory statements and data charts, and correlation claims lacking any control group is that epidemiologists are lying or remarkably stupid. They, of all people, should understand that correlation does not equal causation.

They do not even attempt to look at a control group such as cases in other states without mandates. 36 states have no mask requirements. Eight require the unvaccinated to wear masks in indoor public spaces. Six require both vaccinated and unvaccinated to wear masks indoors. Two require even the vaccinated to wear masks OUTDOORS (Oregon, Washington). Yet with this wide variation, the curves are similar across all states – sort of as if none of this makes a hell of a bit of difference.

Epidemiology has become a religion of true believers having the accuracy of astrology with the honesty of alchemy. How else do you explain this set of contradictions?

Meanwhile, in Japan, where cases have fallen to a very low level, the experts admit they have no idea why. Which would be refreshing honesty, for a change.

Last year, you could not trick or treat due to less virulent covid. Now, with Delta, which is worse, you can knock on doors

Inconsistent, contradictory, incoherent – public health messaging in brief.

As always, logic is MIA:

Follow up: Another superspreader forecast collapses

“I don’t think it’s smart,” Fauci said during a CNN interview after he was shown pictures of college football stadiums with maskless fans.

“Outdoors is always better than indoors, but even when you have such a congregate setting of people close together,” Fauci said.

Source: Fauci on college football stadiums packed with maskless fans: ‘I don’t think it’s smart’

(Strange quote edit by the media – that last sentence is incomplete).

Anyway, college football games caused a huge increase in Covid-19 cases, nationwide. Oh wait, they didn’t…

CDC Chart from last week.

The overwhelming majority of “expert” predictions of super spreader events have been wrong, over and over and over again.

Another one was re-opening schools this fall would cause a huge spike in cases. That too was wrong.

It’s as if almost every projection made by “experts” is wrong. Time after time.

Good! “Oregon ‘herd immunity’ against COVID-19 delta variant should arrive in late December”

OHSU says “about 22% of Oregonians are still vulnerable to infection” from the delta variant.

The effects of herd immunity for the delta variant are likely to take hold when about 85% of the population carries immunity from vaccination or recent infection, and that’s within sight in Oregon, Graven said. He forecasts that Oregon will reach that point around Dec. 26, although he anticipates there will be another 177,000 infections in Oregon before then.

Source: Oregon ‘herd immunity’ against COVID-19 delta variant should arrive in late December, OHSU forecasts –

This is similar to the forecast they issued in late August of 2021.

This means the pandemic is coming to end (this is true in other locations as well) the way that most pandemics have previously ended: widespread immunity.

I have not yet had a chance to look at the latest report. The prior edition forecast that almost 60% of the population will have had Covid-19 by end of this year. Again, in spite of all we did, the outcome and duration is pretty much the same as past pandemics.

UPDATE: The OHSU release.

Sadly, there are people who think the U.S. should do this too

There are people who think we should be doing this in the U.S. too..

China is setting up isolation/quarantine facilities where persons will be cut off from human contact. Everyone arriving from outside the country , vaccinated or not, will be detained in these facilities for 2 weeks.

There are people who still think ZeroCovid, forever, is a viable solution.