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FCC Allocates 11 Ghz of spectrum above 24 Ghz for #IoT and 5G applications

“The FCC today adopted new rules for wireless broadband operations in frequencies above 24 GHz, making the United States the first country in the world to make this spectrum available for next generation wireless services. Building on the successful, flexible approach to spectrum policy that enabled the explosion of 4G (LTE), these rules set a strong foundation for the rapid advancement to next-generation 5G networks and technologies in the United States. This high-frequency spectrum will support innovative new uses enabled by fiber-fast wireless speeds and extremely low latency. While 5G technologies are still under development, today’s action by the Commission to put rules in place will provide vital clarity for business investment in this area.”

FCC Press Release (PDF)

The “Industrial Internet of Things” #IoT will be profound

The Internet of Things (IoT) is often marketed as a consumer-based technology phenomenon that will combine the potential of low-cost sensors and big data with wide-scale internet connectivity.


But flying under the radar is a less sexy sub-sector of the IoT that could ultimately prove to be the most transformative – the marriage of the internet of things with industrial applications such as mining, oil and gas, infrastructure, aviation, locomotives, cities, farming, manufacturing, and power generation.

Source: How the Internet of Things Will Drive the Next Economic Revolution |

The application of IoT – and automation generically – is having and will have profound impacts in the business, manufacturing and industrial sectors.

While those of us in tech are aware of IoT, ask your non-tech friends about what they think of “IoT” or “Internet of Things” and you will get a blank stare followed by “What?” Sure, consumer IoT is here now and coming at us fast, but is largely unknown in the general public.

Businesses, though, are seeking a combination of cost reductions, quality improvements and new opportunities that are incentives to rapidly develop and adopt IoT solutions.

As Michael Porter says, “What is underway is perhaps the most substantial change in the manufacturing firm since the Second Industrial Revolution, more than a century ago.”


Possibility of home entertainment hacking exposes #IoT users to maliciousness

“The very nature of hacking dictates that people will find the new and innovative hacking targets, such as hacking into toys, smart TVs and refrigerators which are seemingly harmless, and try and compromise them – simply because they can,” argued Lastline VP of product development, Brian Laing.

“IoT presents one of those unchartered [sic] territories where people are opening themselves up to all sorts of maliciousness, purely because these devices are connected to the internet.”

Source: Home Entertainment Tops IoT Security Fears List – Infosecurity Magazine

Is IoT the Next Industrial Revolution?

Depends on how you define Internet of Things!

Broadly defined, “smart devices” in business and the home will be a large market that likely causes disruption to many of our present day activities and use cases.

IoT often includes the category of “automation”. Automation is coming at us very fast and will soon show up in places you may not be expecting (retailers, restaurants, for example). Automation will impact and replace existing job categories. To the extent this frees up labor to work at activities that add more value, this is good. But this will require training and re-training and the upheaval may have undesirable effects for many.

Right now, IoT is in the “mania” phase where anything is imaginable and anything is possible. The “market” will eventually sort out what is desirable and needed and many of today’s hyped applications may simply vanish.

Is IoT the Next Industrial Revolution? Potentially yes! What ever shape IoT takes in the years to come, IoT will have large impacts on all of us.

Source: IoT Ecosystem – Internet of Things Predictions & Business Potential – Business Insider

“Truthfulness” of IOT Sensors depends on security

A world of IOT sensors depends on the reliability of the sensors and the sensor network to deliver accurate metrics into the IOT network. This means the security technology to preserve quality and accuracy of messages, free from network disruptions (or at least detectable disruptions) and free from modification or interception by “man in the middle” attacks.

This adds a degree of complexity – including the question of how do we exchange security keys among IOT devices?

That is the topic of this “Lightweight IKEv2: A Key Management Solution for both the Compressed IPsec and the IEEE 802.15.4 Security” paper.