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Increasing minimum wage leading to more automation

If workers can keep their jobs, they’ll enjoy higher wages. But rising labor costs are pushing employers toward robots. Source: California’s $15 minimum wage may mean more automated jobs | The Sacramento Bee Automation has been coming and is coming, regardless of minimum wage hikes....


Finance: Consumers taking on negative equity to buy new cars

Far too many people think that Wealth=Assets+Debt, as they take on loans to buy nice homes, cars, RVs and other toys. They look wealthy to the outside world, but in fact, are very poor because Wealth=Assets-Debt. Today, car dealers are encouraging consumers to roll over negative equity in car loans to buy newer, bigger, shinier and more expensive cars. The lead anecdote in the linked news item illustrates as a buyer now owes $45,000 on his $27,000 car purchase. This is bad, really bad, but 1/3d of used car trade ins are now going this route.


Case study: How not to run a Great Clips hair cut joint

A case study of how a “no show” at a Great Clips hair cutting place led to a cascade of errors resulting in a ditzy stylist giving me a completely wrong hair cut that looks like a Nazi.

My background is in information systems (M.S. in software engineering) and an M.B.A. Systems analysis, organizational and information systems architecture is part of what I do, and this makes for a good case study of a business gone disastrously wrong. And what they should have done to avoid this failure.

This involved a cascade of failure points including organization and information systems misuse.

Not surprisingly, I am not likely to return to a Great Clips again.

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