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How your phone’s location history is used against you

The FBI recently demanded from Google the data about all people using location services within a 100-acre area in Portland, Maine, as part of an investigation into a series of robberies. The request included the names, addresses, phone numbers, “session” times and duration, log-in IP...

The reason Google tracks your location, everywhere you go

We now know that even with Location Services disabled, Google still tracks and records your every move. The data is collected, ostensibly, for targeted advertising. An advertiser could request thei… Source: The reason Google tracks your location, everywhere you go | It’s all about...

San Francisco proposes to ban tech company free lunches

San Francisco has proposed banning company provided cafeterias and meals as a way to force workers to use independent restaurants. The ban would grandfather existing company meal services but new firms would be prohibited from offering similar services, thereby giving incumbent companies a hiring advantage due to better benefits. Ultimately, its a government mandated subsidy to local restaurants.

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