This is a personal web site about the technology, business and marketing of Internet of Things products and services.


My bio used to just say that I worked in software development and left it at that. I noticed everyone else boasts of their accomplishments so now, at the end of my career, I have finally updated my bio. Hah hah. My timing is always off.

I grew up in northern California, worked since the age of 11, finished high school one year early and earned a B.S. in information and computer science from the University of California, Irvine, and later in life, an M.B.A. from Gonzaga University (2001) and an M.S. in software engineering from Regis University (2012) – and paid for all college tuition myself.

My career spans Silicon Valley to Microsoft and wireless technology at companies including Agilent and Vivato Wireless. I have written a dozen books, primarily on software development and have two U.S. patents. I have taught dozens of college courses in business, information systems, networking engineering, e-commerce and business optimization models.

I have held a ham radio license since I was a teen, and in my 20s, was an FAA certificated private pilot. I am also a 3D photographer and author of a book on 3D photography. I spent ten years as a FIRST Robotics mentor, working with high school students in launching their STEM careers. I have also been a volunteer firefighter, a search and rescue volunteer and a Red Cross Disaster Services volunteer.

Throughout my life I had to deal with surviving multiple traumatic brain injuries (one skull fracture, 4 knock out blows that broke bones and bike helmets, and one head injury that led to slow brain and other problems for weeks), and long lasting effects of TBI. Protect your head; I strongly advise against experiencing TBI.

I am a member of EAA, AMA, ARRL, AMSAT, HiDARG and the Hoverclub of America (I now fly a hovercraft).

I am married to Kim (retired biochemist and R.N.) and a Dad to 3 adult “kids” – oldest daughter is a psychiatric nurse practitioner and Russian linguist, son is a research materials scientist, and youngest daughter is a geologist, microbiologist, cell biologist, hydrologist and geochemist and a staff scientist at an environmental consulting firm.

My interests are in the intersection between technology and the marketing of that technology that leverages my unique background as a technologist, software engineer and my M.B.A. training and experience.

Why the name Coldstreams?

It was a name a couple of us used for an online marketing business, years ago. We were thinking of geographic names and chose this name after the Coldstream area of British Columbia. The web URL was originally used for a generic “technology” blog and there are almost 2,000 older posts on that topic. However, the blog is now focused on the business and technology of the Internet of Things.

Self portrait

More Background Information

I created, managed or was a member of teams that have delivered the industry’s #1 best selling software on four different projects.

Author of a dozen technical books. Past experience in Silicon Valley, Microsoft, Agilent, Vivato Wireless, college and university teaching and consulting. I currently live in Hillsboro, Oregon.


  • B.S. in computer science, University of California, Irvine.
  • M.B.A. (2001). GPA 3.89, Gonzaga University.
  • M.S. in software engineering (2012), GPA 4.0. Graduate Honors. Thesis on Android power management. Regis University (Denver)

Software, Program and Project Management


  • Software project, section and program management
  • Business, financial, technical and market analysis
  • Author, developer of software-related tutorials

Business  & Technology Skills

  • Competitive market intelligence and data analysis
  • Business planning, analysis, strategy, development
  • Financial models, business simulation and decision models
  • Online marketing, production and distribution
  • Android, Java, C/C++,  HTML


  • United States Patent #5,596,318 for “Method for Operating a Two-Way Messaging System to Extend Battery Life”, inventor.
  • United States Patent #9,858,826 issued January 2, 2018 for “Wingtip Protection System”, co-inventor.

Professional Experience

  • Freelance app developer and author
  • Coldstreams Group online marketing.
  • Consultant. Agilent Technologies. Vivato Wireless, and non-tech businesses.
  • Adjunct Instructor, Management Information Systems, Gonzaga University
  • Instructor, Computer & Information Systems, Spokane Community College
  • Program Manager and Development Lead, Microsoft Corporation (wireless Internet, managed PC services, public WAN, wireless champion).
  • Program Manager for Microsoft Windows 95 ISDN 1.1 and dial up networking 2.0
  • Development lead for Windows IRDA communications, handheld systems communications and operating systems teams, Windows 98.
  • Engineering Section Manager, Traveling Software Corporation (now Laplink.com), Manager of  Laplink Mac, Laplink Pro (InfoWorld Product of the Year, BYTE Magazine Award of Distinction)
  • Project Manager, Software Publishing Corporation
  • Subteam leader, Harvard Graphics for Windows.
  • Project Manager, creator of PFS First Choice 1.0 and 2.0, and design for 3.0.  (PC Magazine’s Product of the Year, InfoWorld’s Integrated Software Product of the Year, PC Magazine Editor’s Choice/Product of the Year, Finalist, PC Magazine Awards for Technical Excellence, SPC awards for Best Motivated Project Team and Most Profitable Product)
  • Project Manager and co-author of PFS Access data communications package.
  • Co-Developer of PFS Write, the #1 best-selling IBM PC word processor.
  • Computer Engineer, MAI/Basic Four Information Systems.

 Books & Publications

  • Author, App Inventor 2 Charts, graphics and animation
  • Author, App Inventor 2 Databases and Files
  • Author, App Inventor 2 Advanced Concepts
  • Author, App Inventor 2 Introduction
  • Author, Guide to 3D Photography
  • Developer, Photo Guide, Android app
  • Co-author, Object-Oriented Programming from Square One in Visual C++, Que,
  • Author, Object-Oriented Programming from Square One in Turbo C++, Que
  • Principal author, Secrets of the Borland C++ Masters, Sams Publishing; managed a team of seven contributing engineers/authors.
  • Author, Borland Pascal Developer’s Guide, Que.
  • Co-author, Using Microsoft C/C++ 7.0, Que.
  • Author, Turbo Pascal Reference. Promotion and companion to Borland Pascal Developer’s Guide.
  • Author, Software Construction Set for the IBM PC and PCjr. Written under pseudonym “Eric Anderson”, Hayden Book Co.
  • Chapter 13, “Serving the Public”, in The FCC Rule Book, 8th through 12th editions, American Radio Relay League.
  • Dr. Dobb’s Journal series “Augusta subset of Ada Compiler” and other articles (I am the inventor of the Augusta subset of Ada programming language

Related Experience and Activities

  • Beta Gamma Sigma national honor society member
  • Starting my 10th year as a volunteer FIRST Robotics engineering mentor for high school robotics teams.
  • Hovercraft pilot
  • Amateur radio operator (KF7VY)
  • Experimental Aircraft Association member
  • Academy of Model Aeronautics member
  • 3D still and video photography
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