https now fully implemented on

I set up https (secure web access) earlier in March but a few items on the page were still going through http (not secure). I found those items and have fixed them so the page is now fully secured.

When https is in use, the ISP sees only the IP address for The remainder of the URL, such as is transmitted securely. That means the ISP will not know the specific page you are reading. Every page returned from the server is also fully encrypted.

Under new US law, ISPs will be allowed to snoop on your Internet access including what pages you read, and to scan and analyze the content of the pages you read, and sell that data to anyone,for use in advertising, law enforcement or any other purpose.

But with https, the ISP can see only the IP address of the web server and cannot see the specific page URL nor can the ISP read the content of the data coming back from the server.

By encrypting our web servers, we do not have to play along with their desire to snoop on all of us. Another advantage is that https supports http/2, which is a faster way of sending data from the web server. http/2 is not supported in http links.

I expect to eventually convert my and blogs to https also. BecauseĀ  I have only one certificate for – and not the subdomains 3d. and social., I will likely set this up so that automatically redirects to and will automatically redirect to

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