Monthly Archive: December 2018


Off topic: New brain scan technique finds evidence of brain changes long after concussion/TBI/Brain injuries

Researchers develop method of spotting brain injuries using a combination of MRI technologies. Many brain injuries have been invisible. When doctors did not see physical evidence, they often neglected diagnosis and treatment of brain injuries. As someone who has experienced six traumatic brain injuries, this is a very interesting study! Finally, a way to detect recent and even long term history of brain injuries. Wonderful news!


Good: Amazon cracks down on counterfeit book sales on its site

In the past two weeks, Amazon has suspended at least 20 used book merchants for allegedly selling one or more counterfeit textbooks. Source: Amazon and publishers hurting small sellers in counterfeit sting I sell several e-books on Amazon. One of those I also published in...


WordPress 5.0 Update-Do not update at this time

WordPress just updated their software to version 5.0, providing a new user interface for editing. However, on some of my sites, I can no longer publish anything nor update existing posts. Others are also reporting this problem.  The symptom is you received a “Publishing failed”...

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