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The statistics behind start up success

Startups: never have so many understood so little about the statistics of variance present in the outcomes of small samples. People like to speak of 10x productivity, non-stop work and geniuses – but the reality is much less interesting. A large number of small teams...


RailsInstaller: Use it

RailsInstaller. I am just starting to learn Ruby on Rails, the web development software and tools. I started with Michael Hartl’s book Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Web Development with Rails, Second ed. This is supposed to be the #1 book on the subject –...


Future trends in Information Systems and Technology

This past Saturday I attended an IEEE Computer Society-Seattle sponsored seminar on future trends in information systems and technology. Speakers covered a very wide range of topics.  Here is a bullet point list of some key thoughts from the seminar: The fastest growing market opportunities...

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