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Coding Boot Camps produce coders, not software engineers

“Google, which has hired workers from Flatiron and other academies, recently studied the efficacy of coding camps. The company found that while the camps have shown promise, most of their graduates weren’t prepared for software engineering without additional training or prior experience,  Maggie Johnson, Google’s director of...


What do we call someone who creates software?

Sample titles used: Computer scientist Software developer Software engineer Engineer Computer Engineer Development engineer Web developer Mobile applications developer (and specialities like Android apps or iOS apps developer) Front end developer Back end developer Full stack developer Devops engineer Programmer Computer programmer Coder Systems analyst...


Scratch – Imagine, Program, Share

Historically, programming could be described as labor intensive, time consuming, error prone – and delivering projects late with defects and incomplete features. The failed Cover Oregon health exchange project suggests this is still a mostly accurate description 🙂 I have long been interested in software...

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