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Hawaii missile false alarm due to badly designed user interface, reports say

The user was to select from a menu of options including “Missile Alert” and “Test Missile Alert”, which were next to each other on the options menu. The system also lacked a “Cancel missile alert” feature so no one knew how to un-do the transmission of the fake missile alert. As I suspected, the system design was so bad, they never thought to add a “cancel alert” feature to the system. Other news reports say...


Workaround: Barnes and Noble Nook e-reader app no longer available for PC, Mac #BarnesAndNoble

I discovered after a Mac OS X update that my very old Nook e-reader app for Mac OS X no longer works – and that Nook discontinued the app for PC and Mac desktops in 2013. Barnes and Noble says we should use their cloud-based/web-based app from a browser (presumably this means we must have an Internet connection in order to read?) Problem 1 – Inaccessible Unfortunately, an attempt to access the Barnes and...