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Case study: How not to run a Great Clips hair cut joint

A case study of how a “no show” at a Great Clips hair cutting place led to a cascade of errors resulting in a ditzy stylist giving me a completely wrong hair cut that looks like a Nazi.

My background is in information systems (M.S. in software engineering) and an M.B.A. Systems analysis, organizational and information systems architecture is part of what I do, and this makes for a good case study of a business gone disastrously wrong. And what they should have done to avoid this failure.

This involved a cascade of failure points including organization and information systems misuse.

Not surprisingly, I am not likely to return to a Great Clips again.

Tech’s other problem – arrogance

In Silicon Valley: “Suddenly the mind-set became that if you’re a young kid who’s arrogant and disrespectful and doesn’t have the right social skills, that’s the mark of a good entrepreneur.” Source: Uber CEO’s admission he needs to ‘grow up’ highlights perils of being a...

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