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Off topic: New brain scan technique finds evidence of brain changes long after concussion/TBI/Brain injuries

Researchers develop method of spotting brain injuries using a combination of MRI technologies. Many brain injuries have been invisible. When doctors did not see physical evidence, they often neglected diagnosis and treatment of brain injuries. As someone who has experienced six traumatic brain injuries, this is a very interesting study! Finally, a way to detect recent and even long term history of brain injuries. Wonderful news!


ACA, Medicare-for-All, Single Payer, Health Insurance and related topics

Most everything we think we know about the Affordable Care Act is probably wrong. The attached 50 page paper explains what you need to know, in detail including the unusual defects in the Act such as subsidy cut off levels are set by the regional poverty level and have nothing to do with insurance rates, meaning that someone earning $65,000/year is above the subsidy level but is faced with a $50,000 or more annual insurance bill (see paper for details). Or that the ACA does, in fact, have a pre-existing condition waiting period. We need to solve these problems but all politicians remain stuck on stupid and refuse to propose coherent solutions that are workable.

Robotics for rehabilitation medical care

This is total awesomeness! The application of robotics to assist those subject to physical disabilities: It’s not only engineers who work in robotics Source: It’s not only engineers who work in robotics | Robohub My wife recently retired from nursing. She had worked as a...


Social media seen as bad for mental health

According to the University of Salford’s study, 5 out of 10 respondents said using Facebook and Twitter makes their lives worse, their self-esteem suffers when they compare their own accomplishments to those of their online friends. via Does Social Media Affect Your Mental Health –...

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