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Help protect model aircraft hobby and access to flight for all

The FAA and a few members of Congress want to remove the law, passed by Congress and signed by President Obama, that insures that hobbyists can continue to fly model aircraft. The threat is real. The consequences, as detailed in one my posts, below, are heavy handed regulation that may de facto end the model aircraft hobby.

San Francisco proposes to ban tech company free lunches

San Francisco has proposed banning company provided cafeterias and meals as a way to force workers to use independent restaurants. The ban would grandfather existing company meal services but new firms would be prohibited from offering similar services, thereby giving incumbent companies a hiring advantage due to better benefits. Ultimately, its a government mandated subsidy to local restaurants.

Consumer #quadcopters seen as a National Security Threat #Drones #Drone

Authorities seek authorization for government agencies (including local police) to electronically disable quadcopters, potentially shooting them down electronically or kinetically. Source: Security Experts Say Drones Pose a National Security Threat | Time In their scenarios, quadcopters are just a way to drop explosives (tiny ones!)...

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